ASFA (Austrian Metallic Silhouette & Field Target Association) has one of the smallest, but very active memberships of IMSSU. In Paris 1989, Austrian silhouette shooters were one of the 13 countries which passed a resolution to found the European Metallic Silhouette Association.

At this time there was no available shooting range to shoot steel targets in Austria and no standards to adapt an existing range.

In December 1989 it was decided to hold a shooting demonstration on Hirtenberg’s 100M rifle range located 50km south of Vienna. The demonstration consisted of shooting paper targets scaled to the dimensions of SBP (Smallbore Pistol) and FP (Field Pistol) targets. The participation in this event was surprising high.

In 1990 a number of enthusiastic and determined shooters, from various shooting disciplines, joined together and founded AMSA, the Austrian Metallic Silhouette Association.

Also in 1990 two shooting clubs Tattendorf and Leobersdorf, located in the east of Austria, close to our capital city Vienna, decided to include the discipline of silhouette shooting on their ranges. Therefore both clubs redesigned their respective shooting ranges to include silhouette targets.

AMSA held their inaugural competition on steel targets consisting of FP, SBP and SBR on the 24.02.1990 in Tattendorf.

Since then AMSA have regularly held national and international silhouette competitions.

Austria now has three 100M shooting ranges which can host silhouette matches, as mentioned previously there is Tattendorf and Leobersdorf and the third is Krems located 75km west of Vienna.




Unfortunately it is not possible to practice or shoot big bore disciplines on the above ranges. Therefore AMSA have decided to shoot air pistol according to the IHMSA rules and air rifle under the NRA rules.

In 2008 it was decided to grow our association to include the field target discipline. Therefore a new association was founded and AMSA was renamed ASFA, Austrian Metallic Silhouette & Field Target Association.

Farzin Atefi