Finland is located in Northern Europe covering an area of 338,424 km². The population of Finland is 5,500,000 and density 16/km². The capital is Helsinki.

There are approximately 1000 silhouette shooters in Finland, of which about 200 are active competition shooters.

We have 4 x 200m, 2 x 500m, and numerous 100m ranges in Finland, so silhouette shooting is possible all over the country.

First official silhouette match in Finland was held at Särkisalmi 30-31.3.1985 using IHMSA rules.

First Finnish Championships was held 31.8.-1.9. 1985.

Finland is one of the founder members of the "Association Européenne de Tir sur Silhouettes Métalliques" AETSM (formed in 1989) and the "International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union" IMSSU (formed in 1992). Finland is one of the top countries in silhouette shooting.

Finnish Silhouette Shooting Federation official web-pages are found at

Timo Jokiranta